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a space between things, points, limits, etc.


L’INTERVALLE is a Montreal-based label, with a design team of over 20 years of international ladies fashion footwear experience with a focus on quality, European made products.

Inspired by a need for home-grown, non mass-produced goods, this Montreal brand pays homage to craftsmanship and time-honored techniques.

Its goal is to redefine the unappreciated ‘fast fashion’ by creating footwear for those who defy trends but observe the currents.

From its young origins, L’INTERVALLE has quickly and quietly distinguished itself as a new footwear label by combining quality and directional design.

Already a cult favorite, owning a L’INTERVALLE piece feels like you’ve discovered a well-kept secret—by keeping the brand independent and a touch hard to find, each pair is akin to uncovering a treasure. With a goal to always produce timeless product.